Oskar Johansson Swedish winner of BACARDÍ Legacy Nordics

Oskar Johansson
On November 3, the BACARDÍ Legacy Nordic finals took place in Oslo with a really impressive lineup from Sweden.

Oskar Johansson (Corner Club)
Andrea Patelli (Little Quarter)
Joel Constantino (Metropol Palais)

The main objective was as always to come up with a future classic cocktail as immortal as the Daiquiri and Mojito - not an easy task!

After a long day of competing, the jury announced one winner from each Nordic country, who will compete in the global finals in San Francisco in April next year - and the most promising Swedish cocktail was made by Oskar Johansson - congratulations! The other bartenders joining him are Anna Clausen (Lidkoeb, Denmark), Jesse Teerenmaa (Grotesk Bar, Finland) and Moe Aljaff (Brooms & Hatchets, Norway).

Oskar's The Milkman is perhaps not the easiest to make because of the pineapple/butter syrup - but definitely worth the trouble because it's one helluva drink - and here's how to make it - enjoy!


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