O.P. Open cocktail competition in Stockholm

Aquavitens dag
On October 18-19 there was a small event dedicated to aquavit at Spritmusem here in Stockholm, which culminated with the cocktail competition O.P. Open. Seven carefully chosen bartenders from bars around Stockholm had accepted the challenge which consisted of three parts:

1. A signature cocktail using O.P. Anderson aquavit - smell/taste, appearance and presentation (80% of the total score)
2. A self-made aquavit using spices, herbs etc provided by the organizer - smell/taste (10% of the total score)
3. A signature cocktail using the self-made aquavit - smell/taste (10% of the total score)

Hampus Danielsson, Christian "Fang" Håkansson, Winston Cotgreave
Johan Sjödin
Certainly not an easy job for jury members Joel Katzenstein (Bartenders' Choice Awards), Jonas Odland (Altia) and "Plura" Jonsson - and in the end it actually wasn't the person who made the highest scored cocktail or spiced aquavit - instead it was the bartender with the highest combined score from all three parts, Johan Sjödin from Story Hotel who was announced the winner of O.P Open 2014 - congratulations!

Here's Johan's signature cocktail recipe again:

The Green Light Collins
50 ml O.P. Anderson
40 ml lemon juice
30 ml sorrel syrup (mix 75 g sorrel into 50 cl 3:2 simple syrup)

Shake aquavit, lemon juice and sorrel syrup with ice, strain into ice filled highball glass and top with soda.


Marcus Johansson, Patrik Tapper, 


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