Linje tio wins Hudson Whiskey barrel-aging competition

Left: brand presentation by Tony Vanaria.
Right: Carl Broman (Clarion Hotel), Andreas Bergman (Linje tio), Linus O'Reilly (Nosh & Chow),
Christian Grevius & Oscar Tamker (Gondolen), Fredrik Löwenhamn (Koko-Mo) 
Hudson Whiskey's brand ambassador Tony Vanaria has been in Stockholm for a few days, and one of the reasons was to judge the cocktail competition Hudson Barrel Aged Cocktail Story arranged by Nigab and William Grant & Sons at a secret underground lair inside Paus ljud & bild. Six bars were given one oak barrel each and were asked to create a fantastic cocktail based on any of the Hudson whiskeys and present the result on June 30. Unfortunately, Barabicu from Gothenburg got stuck in traffic and never made it to the competition.

To my surprise I was asked to be part of the jury, and of course I couldn't say no. All of the participating bars - Koko-Mo, Gondolen, Linje tio, Nosh & Chow and Clarion Hotel - had done a really good job, using a variety of interesting ingredients like Cynar, Chartreuse, beer, maple syrup and whatnot, but the cocktail which scored the highest points on balance, complexity, cask character and Hudson whiskey character by the four judges was Monte Carlo by Linje tio - congratulations!

Bottled Monte Carlo cocktails
Andreas Bergman was kind enough to share the winning recipe, so now I just need to get myself one of those oak barrels!

Monte Carlo
5 parts Hudson Whiskey Manhattan Rye
1 part Benedictine DOM
2 dashes Angostura Bitters and 1 dash Mozart chocolate bitters for every 6 parts.

Put all ingredients except 1 part rye in the barrel and age for about 20 days. Add the last part of rye 5-7 days before bottling, which should be done after around a total of 21-28 days.


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