Winner of ABSOLUT Invite 2014 cocktail competition announced

Fredrik Löwenhamn making his signature drink, Madeleine Rapp's finished signature serve
On May 22-23, Stockholm was hosting the prestigious ABSOLUT Invite cocktail competition, with 24 finalists from all over Europe - all hoping to become the winner. The first day was all about mixing, as all contestants made their signature drink to impress the jury, which included renowned PDT bar owner Jim Meehan and last year's winner Patrik Seppä from A21 in Helsinki.

Jim Meehan on cocktail competitions, group knowledge challenge at Erlands Kafé
The next day started with a breakfast seminar by Jim Meehan on what to think about when entering a cocktail competition, and afterwards the contestants were, like previous years, divided into groups and sent out to different locations around the city where new challenges awaited, both group and individual knowledge, sensory and creativity tests.

Later in the evening the winner was announced during the award dinner, and the three persons to get the highest scores, all challenges combined, were:

3. Andrei Cioanca (Bronda, Helsinki)
2. Stefano Hjorth Censi (Marchal, Copenhagen)
1. Andreas Künster (Bar Bijou, Berlin)

Congratulations! For your enjoyment, here's the winning cocktail recipe to make in the safety of your own home - cheers!

Andreas Künster making his winning Elyx Warhol Martini

Elyx Warhol Martini
60 ml ABSOLUT Elyx
5 ml pandan leaf-infused Belsazar dry vermouth
1 dash Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters

Stir in a mixing glass and serve as a classic Martini without any garnish except the smell
of the Elyx Warhol perfume - Indian patchouli, amber and fresh grass.


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