Quick review: Ginger Grouse / Jim Beam Bourbon & Cola RTD

Sometimes you don't have the time or energy to make an Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, Daiquiri or whatnot - and I guess that's where the RTD category comes in handy - at least if you also think that mixing booze and soda pop is too much effort.

Ginger Grouse and Jim Beam Bourbon & Cola are two alternatives available in Sweden, and theoretically they should both be quite tasty, right? I mean, mixing scotch and ginger ale or bourbon and cola is of course a matter of personal preference - I sure don't mind doing that occasionally, my main problem with these products is that they're way too sweet and not nearly as potent as I'd like them to be. Ginger Grouse contains the equivalent of 10% scotch and Jim Beam Bourbon & Cola contains the equivalent of 12% bourbon - and I prefer at least 25% booze in my highballs. So, the only way to make them taste better is to add more scotch or bourbon, and then it would of course be better to simply use scotch and ginger ale or bourbon and cola. I understand that I'm not part of their target group, but I had fun trying them out, sort of.