Barmaid Olympics - charity cocktail competition in Berlin

Happy times
My latest cocktail trip to Berlin also luckily coincided with the first chapter of the new cocktail competition Barmaid Olympics - a charity event for Frauenprojekte Bora with female bartenders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland challenged with the task of creating the best cocktail for the modern 21st century woman. Expertly organized by Julia Comu (Prinzipal, soon at The Curtain Club) and Cordula Langer (assistant bar manager at Lebensstern), the brand new and very beautiful bar Prinzipal was packed with people already at 3PM - all of them willing to donate for a good cause (total amount €1725) and have a good time.

After a some mingling and a brief presentation of the event - which was difficult for me to understand since everything was in German - it was time for the ten barmaids to show their skills, with ten minutes each to impress the curious jury. Unfortunately I couldn't stay to watch all contestants as I had to catch my flight back to Stockholm.

Charlotte Fedtke, Schwarze Traube
Of course it's not possible to judge on the presentations alone, but since I didn't get to try any of the drinks I have to say that my favourite of the eight performances I managed to watch was Charlotte Fedtke from the great bar Schwarze Traube. It was a really inspired and theatrical multisensory experience with smoke, sound effects and music which made you feel like being in a fairytale.

However, apparently that wasn't enough to convince the judges, as she didn't make it to the top. Instead, it was these three barmaids below who managed to impress the jury the most - congratulations!

Bronze - Lea Herwig (Ona Mor, Cologne)
Photo: Natalia Kepesz

Silver - Nina Zett (Bruegge, Berlin)
Photo: Natalia Kepesz
Gina Carpone (Nina Zett)
60 ml Tanqueray Gin
1,5 bar spoons mascarpone
2 bar spoons wild strawberry marmalade
20 ml lemon juice
6 mint leaves
Ground pink peppercorn

Gold - Rike Kerrle (Harry's New York Bar, Frankfurt)
Photo: Natalia Kepesz

Mrs.Pott and her Quincy Liquor (Rike Kerrle)
20 ml Havana Club 7 años
20 ml Dry Sack Oloroso Sherry 15 yo
40 ml homemade quince liqueur
10 ml Carpano Antica Formula

Garnish with small lemon zest and serve with homemade quince bread on the side.

In conclusion, it was a great event and I'm happy that I was able to attend - hope to make it back next time (and maybe learn a bit more German until then)!


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