Some cocktail bars in Hamburg and Berlin

Last year I spent one evening in Hamburg and two evenings in Berlin - and since I always try to keep myself updated regarding cocktail bars around the world, I did my best to visit both new ones and old favourites. I'm really looking forward to catching up even more on my next Berlin trip in about two weeks - but for now, here are the bars I found the time to visit during the short stay last year...


Go to the Moon,
Bar DaCaio
Bar DaCaio
Barcastraße 3

Modern and stylish hotel bar, think British elegance with an Italian touch. Interesting cocktail list with some classics and intriguing signature drinks like Go to the Moon (pictured).

Trader Vic's
Marseiller Straße 2

One of the last Trader Vic's outposts in Europe, which sadly closed just a few days ago. I agree that you can't expect to get good tiki drinks at every Trader Vic's, but these older ones have a special atmosphere and I'm sad to see them disappear one by one.

Tiki Puka Puka, Trader Vic's

Bar Cabana

Fischmarkt 6

Another tiki bar, but with a completely different approach and atmosphere than Trader Vic's. Definitely more tacky than tiki and the drinks aren't the best, but still a fun place with love for tropical drinks and decor.

The Tasting Room / Le Lion
Le Lion - bar de Paris
Rathausstraße 3

Herr Meyer's stylish cocktail bar is absolutely beautiful and I can't recommed it enough. Both the "hidden" Tasting Room and the bar on the ground floor are packed with people who knows how to appreciate the best cocktails in town. Perfectly balanced drinks every time in a sophisticated atmosphere - but maybe I shouldn't have stayed for those extra drinks after closing time since I needed to catch my train to Berlin early the next morning...


Yoshitaka Amano,
Amano Bar
Amano Bar
Auguststraße 43

High end cocktail bar inside Hotel Amano, with a relaxed atmosphere, an inventive cocktail menu, knowledgeable staff and lots of house-made ingredients like syrups, infusions and foams.

Kaschmir, Salut!
Goltzstraße 7

A dark and quirky art deco neighbourhood bar not far away from Rum Depot, Germany's largest specialty store for rum. Friendly service - thanks Ramona - and an eclectic mix of classic and signature cocktails with interesting flavour combinations and house infusions.

Up Jumped the Devil, Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee
Nollendorfstraße 27

Travel back in time at the candle lit Stagger Lee, which resembles a 19th century Wild West saloon - but don't be fooled because it's got some modern touches as well - and I'm not only talking about the Nick Cave influences (both the bar and some of the house cocktails are named after song titles). The bartenders are passionate about what they do, but sometimes the service can be a bit unattentive.

The Gherkin, Lebensstern

Kurfürstenstraße 58

The bar is located on the top floor of this jugend style villa, you'll get a glimpse of the restaurant Café Einstein on your way up the stairs. Sit at the bar and watch the dressed up bartender stir your drinks or make yourself comfortable in one of the big chairs in the next room and have a look at the cabinets filled with premium spirits.

Buck and Breck

Brunnenstraße 177

Somewhat difficult to find - and when you finally do, fingers crossed it's not already full. Even though the interior of this "speakeasy" is rather modern, the cocktail selection is mostly about the classics, so don't expect to find anything else on the list - but the execution is spotless. All ingredients are in generic bottles with different colour combinations so that only the staff know what's in them.

West Indian Planter's Punch,
Becketts Kopf
Becketts Kopf
Pappelallee 64

If you arrive after dark, the first thing you'll notice is Samuel Beckett staring at you from inside - at least a portrait of him hanging in the window. This is yet another intimate neighbourhood gem with friendly and attentive service, great cocktails, soft jazz music and no fuzz - almost like being in someone's home.


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