Experimental Cocktail Club on tour in Germany

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As if it wasn't enough with Experimental Cocktail Clubs in Paris, London and New York, soon they'll also be on tour in Germany as well - I really wish I could be there...

Anyway, during three nights in October, you'll be able to meet CoCo Prochorowski and global bar manager Nicolas de Soto, both working in New York, and Paris bar manager Arthur Combe. They have put together a special cocktail menu with six of their own creations, whereof two were made especially for the tour.

The parties will be hosted by some of the best bars in Germany and Europe, and to make sure you can join the fun, reservations should be made as soon as possible via e-mail CoCo@ExperimentalCocktailClub.Com.

The bars, cities and dates are:

Parlour, Frankfurt - October 4th, Thursday
Le Lion, Hamburg - October 5th, Friday
Goldene Bar, Munich - October 11th, Thursday

Nicolas de Soto
There are also rumours about similar events in Asia, Russia and maybe also Sweden during summer 2013... so fingers crossed!

As a bonus, the ECC guys kindly share two examples of what to expect, and of course also to make at home if you're not able to attend the parties:

La Medicacion

LA MEDICACION (By Thor Bergquist, ECC Chinatown)
4,5 cl Sierra Milenario Reposado tequila
1 cl Ramazzotti
6 dashes Pimento Dram
1 barspoon Agave Syrup
1 cl ginger syrup
1,5 cl lime juice
Mezcal Mist

No garnish, on the rocks.

No Man's Land
NO MAN'S LAND (By Nicolas de Soto, ECC Lower East Side)
6cl Elijah Craig Bourbon
10 coffee beans
1,5 cl Cynar
1 cl Don Zoilo Pedro Ximenez 12 Years
2 dashes Cocktail Kingdom Wormwood Bitters

Stirred, orange zest out, up, rocks glass.


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