Gin & Tonic blind taste

Recently, I decided to make a gin & tonic test of my own, comparing a number of tonic brands - from really cheap to expensive. Together with a friend I tried eight different tonics mixed with Tanqueray gin (ratio 1/3 gin, 2/3 tonic), and the result was kind of surprising. I won't describe the different tonics too much since most of them are well known...

1. Fentimans - very nice, but also easily recognised because of different flavour profile.
2. Freeway - somewhat too sweet but otherwise nice - this test's biggest surprise. Bottle bought at Lidl, very cheap brand.
3. San Pellegrino Old Tonic - prominent taste of gin, perhaps too much
4. Schweppes - a bit weak and too much booze coming through
5. Coop Tonic - too bitter, strong citrus flavour
    Fever Tree - a bit unbalanced, otherwise ok
    Britvic - weird synthetic sweetness
8. Q Tonic - we're puzzled since this is supposed to be a premium brand, but we discovered that this particular bottle had a best-before-date which had passed a while ago.

Conclusion - surprisingly, cheap brands works quite well too - but we definitely need to do this again with a fresh bottle of Q Tonic.

Thanks to Marie Laveau here in Stockholm for providing the Fever Tree samples.


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