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Oslo Bar Show – third time's a charm

On June 25-26 it's finally time for the third edition of Oslo Bar Show, and of course I'll be there. Having been at both previous bar shows I've seen lots of improvements from the first stumbling steps in 2015, and since the demise of Copenhagen Spirits & Cocktails I think it's the most important celebration of alcoholic libations in the Nordics. It's certainly not the biggest - compared to for example Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival here in Stockholm - but with a focus on cocktail bars, bartenders and delicious cocktails it's definitely the place to be if you wanna be part of the ever growing Nordic and international cocktail scene. Every year it's like one big family get-together with some added perks like seminars with international bar celebrities, tastings, parties and so on. The biggest disappointment last year was to find the fair down in a parking lot only accessed by elevator and with no bathrooms - so fingers crossed it will be different…

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